Covid-19 update

Updated February 12 

Our partner restaurants in British Columbia are currently open, and all abide by the mandatory requirements set out by WorkSafeBC including having a COVID-19 Safety Plan and employee protocols in place. 

We’re committed to supporting our restaurant partners who are open. As per the regulations, we're kindly asking our customers to only visit restaurants with their household, or for those that live alone, with their core bubble. 

How can you support your local restaurants? 

Restaurants are the heart of our communities – they bring people together, host our special occasions and foster long-lasting memories. And, while they’ve been hit hard, there are plenty of ways you can continue to support them. 

Restaurants are welcoming diners with arms open wide, so choosing to dine out is a great way to support your local. But it’s important to abide by the current rules while doing so, such as wearing a facemask while not at a table. Each location may bring with it a different set of rules, so be conscious of any regulations the eatery has in place – whether that’s staying socially distanced, using hand sanitiser or completing the contact log. 

Want to get in first? Dining early is a great way to keep socially distanced at quieter times of service. Keep your eyes peeled for new restaurants joining First Table. 

If you’re unable to dine out, or if regulations temporarily change, buying gift cards, ordering takeaway or even showing your support virtually through social media can mean the world. 

How is First Table helping restaurants in the Covid-19 recovery?

First Table has always been a great way for restaurateurs to promote their restaurants to a wide network of food-lovers. 

Restaurants are wanting to communicate with foodies more than ever, and we’re pumped to continue to support them by attracting early bird diners and building an atmosphere from the beginning of the night through the First Table offer. Furthermore, our partner restaurants pay nothing to be on the platform – so it’s a real win-win.

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