Sonora Bar and Grill

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Grill & Barbeque, Mexican, Street Food
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531 Yates St
Victoria, BC V8W 1K7


250 590 7308

Named after the Mexican state best known for its outstanding meat, Sonara is a Mexican eatery like no other. Steaks, tacos, even burgers – Mexican grub is creating a whole lot of fusion.

And cuisines ain't the only thing they're fusing. Effortlessly moving from indoors to outdoors, their spacious interior is free-spirited and relaxed. Wherever you sit, you're guaranteed a stellar view of the resplendent Victorian buildings outside. Or, go the whole way and go al-fresco on their cosy patio that wouldn't be out of place in rural Italy!

Now, this eatery is famous for its meat with good reason. Their winning steaks are seared and served on Himalayan salt bricks for that added bit of theatre. Sizzling and sublime, they'll linger on the tastebuds forever. If the other diners' envious looks are too much to handle, opt for a grilled carne asada or taco burger, they're equally as beefy and delicious.

Aside from that, you have taquitos, quesadillas, enchiladas, fajitas (also with added sizzle) and warming chilli. And if you thought those decisions were difficult, tacos are a whole other playing field. From rockfish to rib eye, Mexican pulled pork and seasoned tofu, you'll certainly have your fill of fillings! And even though it's famed for its meat, vegetarians have their say too.

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10 reviews

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